Pirate Bay Sold, Founder Sunde to Retire in Cape Town?

Image via Wikipedia So the hot news on the interwebs is that the world’s largest torrent tracking site is due to be sold to a private Swedish gaming firm, who will attempt to turn the service legit. Shades of Napster‘s demise loom large, but hopefully this time the record companies and the motion picture association […]

Quiverful? Seriously? Dumb Religion at its Best

I don’t actually want to get into any religious debate – I’m not a fan of organised religion in any form. However, sometimes you read something that just comes across as stupid. These “Quiverful” families basically hold that they will keep on breeding so long as God keeps them fertile. The Duggar family now has […]

Diamonds are only De Beers’ Best Friend

Ever since watching the absolutely horrifying Blood Diamond (the movie where Leo DiCaprio can for like to talk wif a Souf Efriken accent), I’ve had a rather bitter taste in my mouth when it comes to any glassy rock, and their biggest monopolistic producer, who, it is claimed, deliberately stockpile the rocks to increase scarcity […]

If The World Could Vote

U.S. Election coverage BEGIN: If the world could vote. Enough said. U.S. Election coverage END.

Award winning Slideshow: Crisis in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe in Crisis View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: refugee hyperinflation) This is an excellent slideshow on the crisis in Zimbabwe.

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