Quiverful? Seriously? Dumb Religion at its Best

"Religion can seriously harm you" by futureshape

I don’t actually want to get into any religious debate – I’m not a fan of organised religion in any form. However, sometimes you read something that just comes across as stupid. These “Quiverful” families basically hold that they will keep on breeding so long as God keeps them fertile.

The Duggar family now has 17 kids with an 18th on the way and they blame it on a messy combination of fertility and religion…  Can you imagine what the life insurance quote looks like for that family? Never mind the food bill, or clothing and housing costs. It’s not socially responsible to home-school so many kids either – there’s no realistic way the kids could ever get the education they need, which simply turns them into a burden on society. Thank goodness its American Society.

Conveniently these Christians have forgotten that God gave Adam the freedom of choice.

While I’m on the topic, let’s throw some fat in the fire with a few interesting links:

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