The Truth Behind Streaming Internet Radio in South Africa

Not everything is as it seems. But if you read this research report on the growth of Internet Radio in South Africa, I’ll take you behind the smoke and mirrors and allow you to experience some of the stink. Put it this way, there’s a lot of nonsense being spread, and I cut through to […]

Canon EOS C300. Pretty Awesome

Canon EOS C300 = Awesome from Jonathan Yi on Vimeo. I’ve always been a Nikon fanboy, but I have to agree the Canon EOS C300 is pretty awesome. [Via: Jonathan Yi]

Rudimentary RFID Based Toll Plaza System

Here’s a bit of sweet proof that what SANRAL is trying to do is not rocket science, and with the right motivation a solution could have been built and implemented by local talent. RFID based toll plaza system using 8051 microcontroller (AT89C51). It also opens up opportunity to consider security flaws that could be evident […]

How to become a Certified IPv6 Technician – Part One —

If you’re not sure where to get started with IPv6, here’s where: How to become a Certified IPv6 Technician – Part One —  

Put it in your pipe and store it – thoughts on data storage

Roelof Temmingh introduced a fascinating idea in his talk on tea at Zacon II yesterday, and I woke up this morning with some free time and an iPad handy, so I decided to explore the concept of using a “series of tubes” as a storage medium a little closer. At this stage it’s just a […]

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