The Idiots Guide to Jailbreaking the iPad

Yes I know there are loads of other better guides out there, this post is to help point out where all the useful info is. So because I’m so filthy rich I decided to buy an iPad for myself. Yes I’ve wanted some sort of ebook device for a while, and you can’t really beat […]

Nokia N97: The Truth

Being in the middle of a big, still largely unresolved, fight with Nokia over the expensive piece of crap that is an N97, I just wish I’d seen this video before I ever even thought of getting an N97. The real tragedy is that Nokia have pretty much lost one of their biggest fan-boys at […]

Google Street View South Africa Is Here

Barely scraping it in by the skin of their teeth, Google has managed to get its Street View imagery operational for South Africa just in time for the World Cup. Yay! No more lost tourists. They’ve also done a huge amount of work in the Google Earth platform to create 3D imagery of all the […]

Google Street View South Africa Launch on 8 June

According to news site MyBroadband, Google has now announced that it will launch Street View Imagery in South Africa on Tuesday, 8th of June 2010, in time for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. A quick glance at show’s they’ve already uploaded some higher-res imagery of parts of SA. Presumably we can expect views of […]

10 Ways To Generate Blog Traffic From the iPad [Blatant Whoring Dept.]

iPad Woman, originally uploaded by tsevis Now that the hype is quickly fading, I’d better take this chance to write my own iPad post and get a piece of iPad interwebs traffic pie. And so I present: 10 Ways to Generate Blog Traffic from the iPad. 1. Write flowery prose in praise of the iPad. […]

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