Bygone Cape Town, South Africa

Bygone Cape Town ,South Africa, a set by Etiennedup on Flickr. Click the link to check out an amazing set of photos of Cape Town from the 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s. It truly does look like an amazing place to live.

Enable User Cron on Oracle Enterprise Linux 5

I found myself unable to activate the crontab for non-root users on the new Exadata server that was recently installed. $ crontab -e You (oracle) are not allowed to use this program (crontab) See crontab(1) for more information I checked the usual suspects /etc/cron.allow and /etc/cron.deny and they were all configured correctly. I spent a […]

Barack Obama Looking at Awesome Things

Barack Obama Looking at Awesome Things, originally uploaded by dryponder. While you may be aware of Barack Obama feigning interest in mundane things, deep down you always knew there was more to it than what meets the eye. Click the photo above to visit the photographic series of Barack Obama looking at awesome things.

Die Antwoord – Zef Side Video

Die Antwoord – Zef Side If you’ve been hiding under a rock, or at the bad end of a TelkomADSL line, heads up because musical genius trio “Die Antwoord” has just exploded all up in the interwebs. And by explode I mean EXPLODE!!!! Yes, according to site logs they’ve been pushing up to 280 Gigabytes […]

Korn, Muse at MyCokeFest 2008

Coke Fest is back. No, not the white powder up nose kind, the big red sugar water company kind. Here’s the link to the details. A seriously nice line up this time – Big Concerts are starting to figure this whole “big concert” thing out… Korn Muse Chris Cornell Kaiser Chiefs Good Charlotte The R600 […]

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