Don’t Cry For Non-Stormhoek Growers. I Won’t.

Stormhoek Logo reports that a plethora of South African wine farms are up for sale due to dipping exports and stagnant domestic sales. Their profits are withering, the exchange rate sucks, bitch bitch bitch, moan moan moan, woe are them, cry me a river. They expect a 2.8 percent growth in exports this year, assuming our currency depreciates by 10 percent. Phenomenal figures. Positivity exudes.

So there they are, sitting in their villas watching their grapes rot and hoping like hell that our money becomes worth less. Screw that. Screw them and their negativity.

Take Stormhoek, our favourite hacker wine, who are blowing away these figures with a 500% increase in sales in less than two years.

How is this possible, you ask? Well, it’s because they aren’t betting against the value of our currency. They are taking South Africa to the world, and they’re doing it with a smile on their face. They’re engaging their customers in the blogosphere, they’re spreading the love, and they’re sharing a few of their secrets as they go along. This attitude alone will see them rising above the, erm, crop. (Wow! Horrible pun.)

I’d buy a Stormhoek over any other wine purely because it is such a work of love and pride in comparison to the rest.

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5 replies on “Don’t Cry For Non-Stormhoek Growers. I Won’t.”

Hey shaun nice post, tell it like it is man!!

I walked into a Nandos here yesterday and they;re stocking Stormhoek, nifty hey, considering they didn’t want to stock Castle.

nice1 Shaun. In fact, Stormhoek has invited a bunch of Cape Town bloggers to come and enjoy their limited edition sparkling wine (with original GapingVoid cartoon label) at their farm this evening – stoked!


Dave told me about your post, Thanks so much for the very kind words!
Have fun at the Blog awards and look forward to meeting you at a 27 dinner sometime.
cheers and hope the rest of the SA farms can get back on their feet, we really want SA to be know as the worlds best supplier of wine.
Thanks again,

Cry me a river indeed! I cannot agree more. Waiting and hoping for our currency to weaken is extremely selfish, since we have to pay dollars for stuff they send from the Amazon (hehe) and we then pay the price. It is stupid to rely on crap like that. Building your business on something that is not really in your control.

Kudus for Stormhoek who is thinking outside the box. Who is actually making an effort to do that weird thing all of us HAVE to do in other businesses and industries. That crazy little thing called “marketing”.

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