Download Foto Na Dans – Intervensie – now!

Foto Na Dans - Intervensie Album Cover just posted a quick review of the Joburg FotoNaDans album launch. Having seen this band live (at Oppikoppi) and having great expectations for this band I simply had to get my own copy right away.

But it’s late at night – the stores are closed, what to do? Well, not all stores are closed. A quick browse to led me to their entire album – Intervensie – available for my (and your) downloading pleasure.

Fast. And cheap too. R7 a track. Or if you have the patience to wait for the physical album, you can order it for a straight R100. I couldn’t wait.

So here’s the link to get your own copy: FotoNaDans – Intervensie.

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Running the Rhythm site exposes you to a lot of diverse music. In my opinion, Intervensie is one of the great South African rock albums to be produced in a long time and will be one of those gems that future generations will look back onto and say, “that was the golden age of rock for SA”.

Sill haven’t grown tired of Foto’s sound and am listening to FND’s new EP, Pantomime op Herwinbare Klanke right now.

Pantomime is also available on Rhythm at R7/track:

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I agree Petrus. I’ve just recently downloaded Foto’s new album as well as albums from aKing, Taxi Violence, Scarlet Box and Clark and van der Hoven.

Good work on keeping the site going and keeping the price right! It’s certainly my first stop when looking for something South African these days.

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