Enter Stormhoek Disruption

Well, it’s done. My market has now officially been disrupted by Stormhoek through my blog and gapingvoid.

A bottle of Sauvignon Blanc was delivered by Kempen Wine Merchants (who seem to have a good range of wines they trade in).

Here’s the proof: (with my own genuine gapingvoid marketing note imitation)

Stormhoek Wine Blogger Freebie

Ok I didn’t get a number or a leaflet – that’s Hugh’s department, but I got the juice. And besides, I know I’ve got Limited Edition Bottle Number 1 of x for South African bloggers.

I guess you could say that the cluetrain just pulled in at my station.

Thanks to Graham and Stormhoek, as well as Hugh Macleod.

A review to follow soon…

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