Eternal Bandwidth Blues

Brotherly chat.

Sent at 12:41 PM on Tuesday
Ryan: omg insane
downloading at 1.2KB/sec \o/

Shaun: holee cow!
peeps iz in my firewallz stealin mah intarwebz too

Ryan: so its not an iburst thing?

Shaun: no its an iburst thing too
they throttle per tcp stream, especially during the day

Ryan: its balls

Shaun: they don’t have enough bandwidth to support what they have sold
they have over 200 towers and a huge amount of corporate users
they’re supposed to be an isp to individuals, not corporates…
but adsl is so damn kak

Ryan: =/

Shaun: weekends and evenings my iburst fucks off
but during the day, fahgeddaboudit
try multiple tcp streams – best way to bump up the bandwidth a bit
cos they throttle each stream

Sent at 1:21 PM on Tuesday

Fuck you very much Telkom.

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