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Fall Out Boy – Young And Menace

Fall Out Boy have charged all up into Pop Music’s current quirks, tricks and trends, and are taking it to a new extreme with their banging new release “Young And Menace”.

Or, as Pete Wentz comments:

The gentle pull of a tide that rolls over and over again and by the sheer nature of its essence it becomes an indestructible will- ripping out sand- eroding what was before it- without a care… a transformational monster-becoming the madness and frenzy of a truly bulletproof wave. I’m not just here for your love, I’m here for all of the love. An overdose of dopamine- we are living inside of MANIA right now. the never sleeping, never blinking- caught forever in the sunshine riptide. -pw

Welcome to M A N I A – a Fall Out Boy LP. Here’s act #1 “Young and Menace”

And as you’ll hear when you hit play below, this is not your dad’s rock band. I recommend listening with headphones or on good equipment.

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