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It’s a really tough decision – I want both sooo badly. The prices and specs are roughly the same.

Which way would you go?

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Does not matter what you select, you will still need to get rid of the OS on the machine 😉 So the question is which one runs linux better

the acer, simply becauese apple has whored itself by now using Intel chips! punish them!

Whilst I agree with L.Provost, I also maintain that Apple machines are just to damn fine to ignore. They are different and exciting. Do you really want just another notebook? Especially when your paying 20k+?

Non geek answer: If it doesn’t use petrol or diesel, you shouldn’t be spending so much cash on it.

It depends on what you need to do. For heavy photo processing and design work, a Mac is obviously the better choice. But a Windows platform gives you much more software, especially when it comes to blogs and complimentory services. P2P is also much simpler and better supported on a Windows platform.

Forget Linux. Nice OS, but when you want high mobility it’s a pain. Remember that if you intend to travel a lot, your notebook becomes another limb and then you don’t want to sit and suffer with incompatibilities between systems. Also, only go Linux if you know Linux; it’s not an intuitive OS an gets in the way of general (not IT) workflow.

Ideally, though, the Mac is probably best. But check its battery life; apparently the Intel chip is a bit more power hungry. Btw, Asus and HP have some great notebooks as well.

Brad’s still in the era of: “If it don’t got a steering mechanism and accelerator, don’t ride it!” Shut up and get married already! 🙂
Not owning a mac I can’t really comment, but I have a feeling it will be a bit restrictive in the foss dept.

not either one… rather get the flybook from us…all round product and more

Acer. PC is better than MAC. Intel rocks. You would kak trying to get linux to work properly on either i would bet.

TravelMate Win XP USB battery bug may be an issue tho

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