Get Paid To Surf With Agloco

Now I don’t know if it is a scam or if it is a viable business. I remember things like this from the old Web 1.0 days which certainly fell apart. But Agloco is promising to pay you for surfing while having their toolbar installed.

Obviously there are a myriad of security and privacy concerns, but if you’re willing to sacrifice some of your internet soul, this could turn into a useful source of income indeed.

I’m registered, and gonna give Agloco a try. They haven’t released their ViewBar yet, and so are not yet active, but they are promising it in the next few days/weeks. If you’re signed up they will alert you to it as soon as the viewbar download is available.

Maybe maybe, you never know where you could end up getting a few extra rands for beer….

Sign up here. All the info is on their site.

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