Goodbye VH1, Goodbye TV licence, Hello Youtube!

FtownI’m continuing my love affair with Youtube Internet Video with my latest discovery:

This page is a list of links to 80s music videos which are available on Youtube.

Click with caution – you may just lose your entire day to the likes of A-HA, Katrina and the Waves and Nena (and you’d better be prepared for big hair and shoulder pads too!!)

It looks like I’m going to be busting my bandwidth cap on Internet video from now on.

So now I only listen to my iPod, CDs and independent radio, I don’t watch any TV, except the occasional sports game at a public venue or TV series which I obtain online. And now with Youtube, Google Video and myspace, the music vids are getting up there too.

Why should I pay for a TV licence for programming that I don’t watch when I can use that money for Internet costs to watch exactly what I want to see?


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2 replies on “Goodbye VH1, Goodbye TV licence, Hello Youtube!”

the fact of the matter is that you still own the TV set, which has a tuner inside it. Try convincing the Licence official that you’re only using your TV to play Lost and 24 through your laptop on the S-video input. it’ll be like explaining to airport security that the green energade that you have is actually for quenching your thirst.

Hehe, :).

You’re right tho. Time to get rid of the tuner.

With R383 million profit, they really don’t need my money.

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