Hackoff.com is “An Historic Murder Mystery Set in the Internet Bubble and Rubble” written by Tom Evslin.

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So far (I’m fully up to date with the latest episode), this is proving to be an intriguing, entertaining and informative story. In particular I enjoy the in-depth discussion of planning for the IPO and the challenges of stock-market trading that Internet security company Hackoff.com faces.

It reminded me of a Canadian TV show, “Traders” which dealt closely with business wheelings and dealings, takeovers, IPOs and the stock market. I loved that show, but I suspect the show was ahead of its time, and was often buried in jargon – after two seasons it was pulled from our TV sets in South Africa.

It took a short while to get used to the tense which is used in the blook (online book released blog style) – it is written in present tense which is a little weird, but becomes comfortable when the emails that are sent between characters and the interviews take place.

As of recently, the book is now also available in audio format, so you can dump it on your iPod and read it with your ears.

Overall, very intriguing – check it out!

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