I hate Christmas in November

Why is it that we are forced to deal with Christmas decorations and advertisements starting in October already? It really amplifies the commercial aspect of Christmas, and by the time Christmas comes the shit has already fallen down or we’ve seen the ad a million times. Bah humbug.

Here are a couple of quotes from Richard Thieme’s newly launched blog ( This is the guy whose writing inspired me to realise that I truly am a hacker.
“when you finally have a book in print, it’s absolutely humbling to be bitch-slapped by Walter the Farting Dog”

“The challenge is to live in niches, not surrender entirely in the face of the rage and storm of the world, and remind each other quietly in the night what matters most.”

I look forward to more blogging from him.

Telkom is still suing Hellkom – yes the rich bastards sent a fat legal document to Gregg Stirton of Nothing like wasting exorbitant profits on legal expenses to squash the little guy.

It seems as though there may be no more Grand Prix broadcasts on the public broadcaster… SABC has failed us again…

Linux Uptime – 102 days for

In other news, what I thought was a great technology idea (I’m not at liberty to disclose) was not entirely original… just goes to show that there’s nothing new under the sun.

And workwise – finally kernel 2.6.9 supports LSI Logic MegaRAID – that should destroy a few headaches.

Gentoo Rocks!

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