It’s Terrorism, Dammit!

Traffic Congestion

This morning’s protest action by Taxi operators – that of blocking major highways with their vehicles and attacking road users is nothing more than straight up terrorism.

It was a well-planned, targeted attack at the people of our country, and the economy of our country, and should be treated as such by the authorities. They cannot be allowed to get away with it. They need to be shown in no uncertain terms that they do NOT own the roads and that they WILL bow to the rule of law!

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2 replies on “It’s Terrorism, Dammit!”

Right on!! Wouldn’t it be nice to see a fleet of yellow bulldozers fully fitted with flashing blue lights going down that emergency lane? Might make them think twice in future.

I agree with you 100% because on Friday we weren’t allowed to leave our office until the whole strike had subsided becaue they were shooting and stoning cars.

We lost so much work that day.

It’s absolutely pathetic, and it has got too stop.

But do you think our government will see it that way.

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