Computing iTunes Plugin Now (Offline-)Scrobbles Manually Updated iPods!

Exactly as the headline says: The official windows client now scrobbles info from your manually managed iPod too!

Good news for all of us using iTunes with a manually updated iPod. We previously were forced to use the still-brilliant “iScrobbler” iTunes plugin to get tracks that were played on an unsynced iPod onto This is no longer the exclusive domain of iScrobbler. The latest official iTunes plugin recognises manually managed iPods and gets their play data scrobbled up automatically to within a few seconds after plugging the iPod in.

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This is good news, but does it log tracks played while offline for uploading when you go online, like iScrobbler does? If not, I’m still not sold.

Yep, I’ve been playing all day with it and I’m happy to report it does seem to do the offline/online thing. I do however have a couple of stray track plays from 2006 that the app wants to scrobble – not sure what that is about…

I can’t seem to figure out how to work it so that my manually managed ipod will scrobble after listening to a few tracks. How do I do it?

Hi K,

A couple things – you need to make sure your manually managed iPod has a playlist called “Recently Played” which has a rule of “Last Played is in the last 1 Month”, with Live Updating enabled. Once you’ve installed the iTunes plugin, open the tool, goto Tools->Options->iPod and select to enable iPod scrobbling.

That should do it.
Good luck!

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