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Aha, eureka, and what a relief! Brabys, along with the developers at Always Active Technologies have created the best site for online maps of South Africa. Well done guys! You rock!

A particularly funky feature is the driving directions capability, which gives you a turn by turn breakdown of your route, with pictures, on a single page.

Brabys Maps
Try it!

Oh, and to the guys at AAT: API, we need an API!!
(or at least a better description of the URL parameters)

[Thanks to Marc at Durbz Blog for the link]

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U must have used before?
Also does Route Planning, courtesy of

I wrote up something here

Maps in South Africa

Actually when I think *really* hard I believe I may have seen shellgeostar once, briefly, but it definitely did not make any lasting impression and I’ve never used it since. It seems fairly average – once again their map size is small, but the directions are great.

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