Mischief, Mayhem, SoaP.

Rumour has it there was a weekend somewhere over the last two days. As I walked into work this morning I still felt like I needed a weekend. Perhaps a holiday is in order. This employment thing is really starting to drain my energy…

Late Friday afternoon, while trying to be clever, I managed to break something with one of the systems, which resulted in me staying late to fix the bugger up.

Once everything at work reached some semblance of stability I headed out to join Oscar in watching the “Janaee, Izelle and Cherise Choir”. Bad drunken singing by girls who all have boyfriends. Not my cup of tea thank you.

So I disappeared very quickly, and end up joining K at “scariest-jol-I’ve-ever-seen”-Monroe’s, right behind (and attached to) Presley’s in Boksburg. This place has a serious time-warp feel about it. It’s the type of jol my parents would have gone to if they were Afrikaans and raised in Delmas. Hmmm, actually they were raised in Bloemfontein, so it probably is the type of jol they went to. The place looked like a windsurfing convention. The music was awful too, but the ladies (well, some of them) were hot. A lot of mommys though. Many mommys. It must be the Dutchman’s Sin: knocking up a pretty girl and running away, leaving them desperate for the attentions of a nice english-speaking boy. The beer was cheap, but rather painful in the morning.

Somehow the booze bicycle transported me to my house, and I woke up the next morning thanking heaven that I was in my own bed, alone, no mommys around and only suffering the effects of some alcoholic poison. So I did what any good hacker would do, and booted up my laptop to watch a movie, read some news, check email and find out what the blogosphere thought of Snakes on a Plane

Woah? Snakes? On a Plane? You’re muthafucking kidding me right? That’s a ridiculous concept.

The movie is only being released in September here, at least two weeks away. 🙁

I also surfed along to last.fm where I found their streaming radio feed. Very cool. Five tracks later and I’ve already made a note of three new artists I’m interested in. Wow. Thanks to the internet I’m loving the sounds of Regina Spektor – she’s got a wonderful, indie, jazzy, folk vibe, similar in sound to Fiona Apple.

–insert time warp here–

Saturday evening: Brad’s birthday celebration, at the Dros. Whisky. Ice Bergs. Springbokkies. SoaP (Snakes on a Plane). Discuss the definition of invention. See the broken sign (again)

"Dros Toilets - 'cos you can't get too much of a good thing". 


Visit a Shebeen on the way to Brad’s house, hmmm, dodgy looking. Decide that whisky, which is all we have to drink, is good enough for everyone else too, and I’m driving, so maybe not stop there this time.

Pass out on couch. My back still hurts from an uncomfortable night on the couch. It’s Shake-That-Ass-Girl’s fault.

And so Sunday arrived, sporting an awesome cooked breakfast, courtesy Chef Birthday Brad, and then I wearily headed home to my guitar and the Seether One Cold Night DVD. Brilliant stuff. And that’s where I thought the weekend would end.

But nay, another lonely soul, JP, contacted me, so I grabbed my laptop PC and a bottle of Bell’s Special Reserve and toodled down to his place to sip on whisky, talk shit, and watch comedy clips downloaded from the big internet tube in the sky. Great fun. And Bell’s Special Reserve is an exquisite whisky. Yum.

We were later joined by K, him having eventually got rid of Coffee-Date-Girl and seeking some *real* entertainment. And then midnight arrived and we all turned into pumpkins. Drunk little pumpkins.

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You better nor be complaining about the 3 singing girls Oscar Reitsma, or you will be sleeping on the porche.
I think I am rather cute while doing my drunken singing.

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