Nokia N95

Nokia N95

Unless Motorola can really step up with a slimmer, smarter device I’m quite happy to wait for what will be my next phone – the Nokia N95.

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So Nokia, my Motorola is broken, now is your chance to snag me back as a customer. How about helping me out with a gift or demo model for a blogger who also used to work (contract) for you?

I promise to write an honest review!!!

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3 replies on “Nokia N95”

There is no going back to Nokia after getting a Samsung D900 two weeks ago.
Cheers Nokia, Hello Samsung.

Nokia hit a distinct turnaround point with the 6600 (egg) and symbian operating system. Samsung and Sony-Ericsson have grabbed a huge portion of the market share. I’ve been with Nokia for 6 years after using a whole bunch of useless motorolas and siemens, but honestly I’d leave them in a second for a D900 or a K800i. sorry

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