Pesky fourteen-year-old file trader destroys mother’s life.

Today’s atrocities found in my mailbox include the following links, courtesy EFF:

Clear Channel Finds Another Way to Abuse Artists: Patents

And, well, this is just plain sick :

– RIAA Suits Keep Rolling (Over People)

USA Today has a sad snapshot of Tammy Lafky, a single mother
whose 14 year-old daughter downloaded music and who now faces
up to $540,000 in damages from a music industry lawsuit. An
RIAA flak points out that the suits are supposed to teach
people that file sharing is “wrong.” Not that there’s anything
wrong with bankrupting a single mother…right?

This article just about proves that RIAA is wrong.

And if you’re looking for a good read, head over to
and download a copy of “Free Culture” by Lawrence Lessig.

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