Pick ‘n Play Music Downloads: Use IE so we can DRM your media

So, grocery retailer Pick ‘n Pay has hopped into the music download business. It’s a place they certainly don’t belong.


And to make matters worse, the first thing I see when I open their page is this popup box telling me I have to change browsers just so that I can get DRM licenses. Wow!

So let me get this straight: Not only is your media DRM restricted crippled, but I have to use a browser I don’t like as well? That’s like inviting me to your store and then telling me I can only drive there in a certain make of car and I’m only allowed to use anything I buy at a location you specify.

Pick ‘n Play, you’ve just lost a customer. A customer who spent quite a few hundred rands on music in the past month alone. And I guarantee you will continue losing customers. In fact, the sad thing is you won’t even know you’ve lost those customers, because they just won’t show up on your site.

Wow, will these music stores ever learn?

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