PSP 3.03 Homebrew Enabler/Downgrader Available


For all those fellow PlayStation Portable users who are stuck in the realm of firmware 2.81-3.03, without any possibility of running homebrew apps or getting the full functionality out of your PSP, good news has arrived: The “Noobz” Team have developed a 1.5.0 downgrader for all the above firmware versions. This should get you onto the custom 3.03 firmware in no time at all! They also released a homebrew enabler that can run on 3.03 without making any permanent change to your PSP.


Of course, give it a bit of time for testing to take place before you jump right in – there is still a high possibility of bricking your device, which won’t be fun. Indeed, one problem is the requirement for an unpatched Grand Theft Auto:Liberty City Stories disk… I need to go hunting. Anyone?

Details of the latest PSP Homebrew here.

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