Sandbox at Firkin Pub

On Saturday we visited the Firkin for a few beers and to celebrate both Klaas’ and Nadia’s birthdays. As always, the Firkin provided great live entertainment.

Sandbox were playing a gig at Firkin for the first time in a couple of months, and the crowd were excited to have them.

We arrived towards the end of their first set, but fortunately there were to be two more later in the evening. The music played by this conventional four piece rock band was mainly cover versions of the classic songs – Live, U2, Green Day and a bunch of other oldies that always go down well with the crowd – but more intruiging were the melodies created by the band themself.

Sometimes fast and energetic, sometimes slow, dark and mysterious, these songs were a welcome surprise during the evening. I’d like to hear more of them. Perhaps I should tune into Highveld’s Homebrew Top Ten

You can see a few (bad1) photos I took over on flickr. They’re gonna be playing at The Firkin for the next bunch of Saturdays, so head on over to check them out.

1 I was experimenting with a few settings on the camera, and I definitely got the lighting wrong.

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