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Social Media Specialists, Whatever…

These two blue tits above give us a great reminder of what you get yourself into when you start looking for a social media specialist. Everyone’s on the bandwagon, so you’re better off approaching the straight-talking technical rockstar, someone with a proven skill, experience, ability and great in-depth knowledge of computing, the internet and all things web 2.0, instead of getting a marketer-turned-so-called-“internet guru” to waste your money for you.

One reply on “Social Media Specialists, Whatever…”

Shaun, I think you’re 100% correct to a point. The type of people who think they are experts on the matter are most likely found in traditional PR and Advertising Agencies. This group of people seem to misunderstand the online world and think that an online campaign is to make as much noise as possible as is common with traditional advertising/PR.

However, there are lots of people out there that are highly talented either in specialist organisations or doing it by themselves.

Unfortunately you are right, the term “Social Media Specialist” is a joke and has been tarnished by so called “experts”. However, if you separate the chaff from the wheat you’ll find there are some top quality people out there.

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