Virgin Festival Cancelled

Virgin Festival
Virgin Festival

Yes, in keeping with tradition of cancelled acts (Guns ‘n Roses/Nickelback), poor organisation (Coke Fest) and downright disappointment for South African music fans, Virgin Festival has been cancelled. why am I not surprised. Not that I really wanted to see Maroon 5 and Snoop Dogg sharing a lineup – that, imho, is just lame and shows a complete lack of understanding of the audience – Snoop Dogg fans, Maroon 5 fans and Sugababes fans tend to not overlap so much… how could they miss that?

But don’t worry Virgin, we’ll definitely buy tickets when you schedule the next one just so you can continue to fuck us around. Way to go to keep a loyal audience!

Oh, and 5fm, you’re probably not innocent in this one either. Why is it that *every* concert 5fm touches turns to shit?

[If you have tickets, go get a refund now, cos you never know if the concert will happen again – don’t believe computicket BS – computicket still owe me money for Nickelback, but of course, there’s no record, cos I hadn’t collected the tickets, only paid for them.]

[Hello, uhm, Virgin – Maybe you should update with an apology??]