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Coldplay’s Costly Creativity?

I’m always pretty amazed that in this day and age you can actually create anything new under the sun. It feels like its all been done. Well, it feels like it has all been done in certain fields. Take music, for instance. How the hell does anyone manage to come up with anything original without treading on the toes of another artists work? The permutations of a piece of music are not endless (which is probably why commercial radio is dying from bad eighties pop covers).

Well it seems Coldplay have deliberately or inadvertently made a beeeg mistake with Viva La Vida. They are being sued by American guitarist Joe Satriani, who is claiming a pinched riff or three.

Of course Coldplay denied stealing the song today. Watch the video below, tell me what you think, cos I think its a straight rip-off.

Via: Lefsetz Letter