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On e-tolls and bullshit

SANRAL stays on the Hate List with their latest display of arrogance and ignorance.

Apparently they’re revising the e-toll fees and structures, but from the scant details available, it’s all smoke and mirrors.

The new “fee cap” of R250 for light vehicles is bogus. SANRAL have been able to do statistical analysis on traffic patterns from invasively tracking our vehicles and are well aware that the majority of that class of users would spend less than R250 anyway.

The 30c/km number is nonsense, as the Government Gazette’d prices are a per-gantry price, not a per kilometre price. Which means they changed the wording, not the price.

The threat of preventing us from renewing our vehicle licenses without paying the outstanding e-toll balance is currently illegal. And it doesn’t solve the problem of eNATIS information being horribly inaccurate. Either way, the license renewal is more likely to go the way of the humble traffic fine – into the bin.

A 60% discount on outstanding balance, means people are still up to pay thousands of rands. And what about the people and companies who *did* register? They are being penalized for supporting the system. (Well, maybe that one is actually OK with me…)

30 free gantry passes a year is great if you’re over the age of 75. That’s about two visits to the city per year!
New monthly cap for accounts in arrears is just a nice way to say they’re gonna bill you up to three times your usage when you don’t pay.
This is once again a scam to rope people in. Once people sign up again, they just jack up the prices and everyone is bent over a barrel. Eskom style.
The inherent problem of cost-of-collection of e-tolls remains.

Sorry, Cyril, we see through your bullshit. You can go jump from a gantry.

Say no to e-tolls!