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Mo Unplugged at High Flyers

So I skipped on out last night to High Flyers in Boksburg with JP for a beer or two and happened to see the one-man band “Mo” playing there. I have to say he had some pretty impressive guitar work.

His music choise was all over the place, which made it very interesting to watch and listen to. Sting’s “Message in a Bottle” was performed with a John Mayer-esque twist, as Mo liked to refer to it. Funny thing is, to everyone that was quite acceptable, but when I er, play, I like to use a bit of a Shaun Dewberry twist on things – somehow it is not as much appreciated by my audiences (what audiences?).

Further tunes that were strummed out included Coldplay’s “Clocks”, “Behind Blue Eyes”, “Mr Jones” and the Eagle-eyed Cherry-esque “Falling in Love Again”. Mo managed to use a capo quite effectively – it seemed to bring songs down to a simple set of chords, and I’m seriously now contemplating getting one for myself having seen the use thereof.

Later on Mo performed a well done, but rather shit sounding version of “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”, but that did not bother the rather large crowd – they enjoyed it all the same. Mo then stepped things up a bit with an awesome Radiohead “High and Dry”, managing to hit the high notes very well, and it seems that Mo has a pretty good voice. Just before we left we were also treated to Pearl Jam’s “Better Man” and the last song of the evening for us was Billy Joel’s “Piano Man”, complete with harmonica intro too.

Nice one Mo, I’m sure I’d enjoy seeing your performance again sometime.
Evening summary: Good service, pleasant atmosphere, friendly staff, and good music. It is definitely one to repeat sometime soon.