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Vote Predictor Paints Me Afrikaner

Hahahaha, so I just ran through the Mail&Guardian‘s online election “vote predictor” which tells you who you should be voting for. I must say I was a little surprised at the results.

I really did think I’d get shoved in with all the middle class whiteys in the DA, but no, the Afrikaner blood must be running thick today, because the Freedom Front Plus are apparently my peeps.

To be perfectly honest I never once considered voting FF+, or even ACDP for that matter. Now I have to re-think my vote…!!! Clearly the influence of living in the Jacaranda City is having its effect on me.


A View on Current Political Shifts

James Gosling’s blog has this to say about the US election: “I realized I was in trouble when I noticed that I was thinking of Michael Moore as a voice of reason.”

A more vitriolic (yet inescapably true) opinion can be found at

While IE’s market share has dropped 5% since May to 88.9%, Mozilla browsers – including Firefox – have grown by 5% and now have 7.4% share of the market. There’s a powerful force at work here.

And here’s a compelling thought – if students in the Ukraine are not scared to stand up for their rights, to voice their disapproval of a political situation, why should the rest of us in “developed” countries sit back and accept whatever our governments dish out for us. There’s a good lesson to be learnt here