Synching Google Calendar To Thunderbird – This Rocks!

I can’t take any credit, all I can do is point you at this link:
Stay in Sync with GCal and Thunderbird
and say “If you use these tools, go do this now!”

Awesome stuff – now I’m slowly getting closer to that GTD goal.

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I love the smell of paint fumes in the morning…

/rant begin

So yeah, I know I’ve just recently started my new job at Sun Microsystems – as a Sun Java Enterprise System Engineer – and I need to still get into the swing of things, and should not complain much, but damn, can’t they paint the office on the weekend or something? This is ridiculous.

Here our team sits, with a rather important support role to fulfill, and we’re all getting high on paint fumes – with little productive work able to be done.

Someone needs to catch a wake up. People cannot and should not be made to work in this kind of environment, at the very least for the sake of our health.