MotoRAZR V3 MoBlogging with b2evolution

So the wonderful b2evolution blogging engine comes with a ‘mms.php’ file to allow for parsing of MMS messages sent via mobile phone into blog entries.

It was a little tricky to get going, but with the help of the b2evo HowTo I managed to get it going on my Motorola RAZR V3.

The steps taken were as follows:
Menu -> Message Center -> Message Setup -> MMS Message Setup -> Server Info
From there I created a new Server Info profile with Server Name of

The trickiest part here was getting the right category number to substitute for ##. This required looking in the Admin -> Categories section of b2evolution for a suitable category number which could be used. I selected to use an existing Web Session, in my case MTN-WAP-GPRS (my WAP/GPRS/MMS profile for connecting my phone to the web via GPRS).

From there I simply gave the Service a Name and selected it as the default Service for MMS.

After that I took a quick test photo and sent it to any number in my address book (I chose myself, just in case). The message delivery claims to have failed, but a quick refresh of the browser window, and voila, MoBologging in action!