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Laugh It Off Wins Constitutional Court Appeal

Congratulations must go to Justin Nurse and Laugh It Off Promotions. They stared into the face of the brute goliath SAB and dared to pull a tongue at them. The constitutional court has ruled in defense of that “tongue-pulling”. So get your browser down to at or around the 3rd June 2005 if you want to get your hands on one of the 1000 “Black Labour, White Guilt” T-shirts they created.

More details on this story can be found here and here.

It is fantastic news to hear that our Constitutional Court still has their heads screwed on correctly, and understands the right to free speech as one of the most valued in our democracy.


Laugh It Off not giving up yet..

Laugh It Off productions, the small company that inspired a nation of parody T-shirts has not given up in their battle against the SABMiller brewing giant. Today they argued an appeal in front of the Constitional Court for the freedom to express their parody slogans. Good for them, hopefully the constituional court will think a little deeper this time. More info at