Budding Rockstars Rejoice


As some of you know I’ve been a struggling (though brilliant) rockstar for quite some time now – yes the suffering artist indeed – so much so that even a new set of strings on the old axe and some sexy Fender plectrums couldn’t get me back into action for a sustained period.

I’d hit a wall which I couldn’t break through unless I enlisted the services of an instructor. I can read tablature, know all the right notes, have great rhythm, can strum out a pattern, but just couldn’t get it all together in a way that sounded good to anyone else but me.

Those endless days of torment are now numbered – I discovered Songsterr, which combines the tablature of many popular songs with a flash player that gives you the exact timing of that song. and you can start at half speed too if you’re a bit slow on the chord changes. Rock ‘n Roll indeed.

Here’s a direct link to an example: Slipknot – Gently