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Awesome Free Music on NPR Podcasts

Jenny Lewis Live at The Joint
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My latest musical discovery, which I’m quite happy to brag about, is the “NPR: Live Concerts from All Songs Considered Podcast“, from which I’m hurriedly downloading a couple episodes as fast as possible. I’m a real sucker for live performances and getting a true indication of an artist’s ability, which is why this is so awesome.

There’s a lot of great free stuff in this and a couple of NPR’s other podcasts – this one has live recordings from SXSW 2009, including The Decemberists pulling off their first live performance of their new record, The Hazards of Love, and SA boys BLK JKS giving their first appearance at the festival. Other stuff in the podcast includes Rilo Kiley, Jenny Lewis, Radiohead, Wilco, DeVotchka, She&Him and even Tom Waits, so it’s definitely worth checking out.

If you’re impatient for all the content to end up in the podcast, head over directly to the corresponding NPR: Live Concerts from All Songs Considered website, where you’ll find even more great stuff, including Kings of Leon, Regina Spektor, Arcade Fire and Death Cab for Cutie.

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

And the Christmas bonus is the NPR: All Songs Considered Podcast (yes, I know they kinda sound the same, but all these links actually go to different content). On this show you’ll get a regular chance to hear a further variety of damn good music.

So who said radio is dead? NPR shines at it leads the way forward.

[Thanks for the inspiration, Wendy!]