Tchwentchi Schevven Dinnnerr

It was good to get out of the whole East Rand/Pretoria rut and head back into Jozi (Rosebank, spceifically) for the 27dinner. I’m not going to explain the 27dinner concept – just search SA blog sites for it.

And yes, it was a huge success – there were easily sixty or seventy people bloggers in attendance. I met some really awesome and interesting and charming people and found a frighteningly long list of covert previous affiliations of which I was not aware – I’ve obviously been online far too much in the past 10 years…

So here are a few of the names (with some linkage love) of peeps I met and spent time chatting to. It’s largely incomplete but this is a good smattering of my “social butterfly-edness”…
Mike Stopforth – At last, we meet!
Victoire – Hey old varsity buddy!
Nic Haralambous
Vincent Maher – Nearly managed to steal a lighter from this legend!
Dave Duarte
Dominic White
Daniela Faris
Gregor Rohrig
Carly Ritz – We didn’t get to chat but thanks for giving me a bum raffle ticket!!!
Heather Ford
Rory Freeman – Source of hilarity and wealth of TV related information.
Megan Woods

There were plenty other short chats here and there – so much going on – ideas aplenty and in general a good crowd of high-energy, high-motivation people.

I took a couple of lousy 27dinner photos and then got bored with it as the beer (and Stormhoek) started to flow…

All in all, a great way to spend a saturday evening!

Oh, and if anyone is missing a red lighter – yes I (unintentionally) came to own it. I owe you one.

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Ah, yes what a night it was. An oasis of acceptance amongst a world of geek-denial. It was awesome to meet and chat. Will definitely be showing the linklove around my blog too!!

Hi Shaun

It’s always good to meet fellow security peeps, especially when you can talk about Captin’ Crunch’s whistle and have someone know that it isn’t all about the cereal.

See you at the next one.

(Awesome card by the way.)

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