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I don’t check Stormhoek’s website that often (note to self: add feed to new feed reader), but I was wonderfully surprised when I read on gapingvoid about a few new “hacks” being implemented at Stormhoek.

Stormhoek Wines

Here’s the new intro on the site:
‘new zealand has the best tech for making white wine. but south africa has better grapes. so obviously the “hacker” thing to do was to move the tech over to south africa and see what happens. voila! stormhoek. “freshness matters.” available in the u.k. at asda, threshers, waitrose, majestic, sainsbury’s and oddbins. hope you like.’

There are also plans afoot to funk up the Stormhoek bottle’s design.

Rock on Stormhoek.

On a side note, for reasons to complex to explain I kinda lost access to my review of my Stormhoek freebie, but with any luck I’ll be able to post it next week.

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