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The Hate List – 14 May 2013

In the right-hand sidebar I’ve decided to include a Hate List – A list of shit that currently annoys the fuck out of me. The Hate List will provide a psychological release for the pent-up frustration by shouting it on a public forum. I’ll update the list whenever, and change it if new things piss me off. I’ll also keep you informed when the content of the Hate List changes. I don’t want to talk about this shit, so comments are closed. But you can always tweet me @shaun.

Here’s how The Hate List currently stands with an explanation of each point:
Veritas Netbackup

Piece of shit java-based Netbackup management console. Works drag-ass slow over the network. Makes X-Windows feel like a morgue. It needs to die. Along with the whole piece-of-shit Netbackup product.


The motherfucking Guptas are gonna get away with all the shit they got up to at Waterkloof Air Force Base because why? Because they had full fucken permission from the South African government. It’ll never be admitted to publicly but they landed there with all the right papers, I guarantee you. The only fucken joke ass clown who didn’t know about the deal was probably King fucking Zuma himself. And when he opened up News24 to read the comments he got shit splattered all over his face making him very embarrassed. In fact, just as embarrassed as someone painting a picture of him with his cock hanging out. Dumbass. National Security Key Point my ass.

“Cloud Architects” 

If you’re gonna call yourself an IT Architect, best you be able to do some basic multiplication so you can work out how much disk space will be required if we have a data size of 30GB and we take a full backup every day for a week. Don’t come in on my shit and put pressure on me cos you can’t get your head out your ass and multiply by 7. And “Cloud”? “Cloud Architect”?. Fuck off.

iTunes 11

Apple really screwed the pooch on this one. iTunes is getting progressively worse and just does its own shit all the time. Hey Apple, if I choose to use a sidebar, leave the sidebar there, even when I close and reopen the program. And stop forcing iCloud updates on me. Are you *trying* to actively make your users lives more difficult? Cos if you carry on I will Samsung the fuck out of your little closed-wall Garden of Eden.

And breathe…