There’s No Place Like!

My server has been down for just under a week now. Included in this downtime was all my personal email, my GTD application and both my weblogs, as well as my ability to run a quick bittorrent download to the server.

In short it has been hell.

But strangely enough the part that I missed the most was my personal blog. I felt frustrated at not being able to express thoughts and ideas on this site. Even though I have been updating my blog very infrequently, all of a sudden I had so much to say, and nowhere to say it.

I guess it fits in with the whole concept of not realising what’s valuable to you until it’s gone. Funny how I felt that sort of attachment to (technically) a piece of software. I guess its not really an attachment to the software, its the attachment to the audience, to the creative process, and to having my space in the blogosphere.

Welcome back to the blogosphere Shaun, you can calm the fuck down now…

Blog addict? Yes.

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