Throw Away Your Television

TV turnoff week

Indeed it is TV Turnoff Week.

Druk die rooi knoppie.

And indeed the Peppers said it best with “Throw Away Your Television”:

Throw away your television
Take the noose off your ambition
Reinvent your intuition now
Its a repeat of a story told
Its a repeat and its getting old

I haven’t had a TV since mid-March. I’m probably too lazy to buy one and get a license. (what is this? the dark ages? A license for a glorified radio????) Occasionally I do watch at a friend’s house or at a pub, but that’s really limited to sport or a very interesting show. I also download a lot of my viewing off the Internet – it’s my time, and so it should be my perogative to shift my viewing as I see fit. TV broadcasters don’t really like that, unless you’re willing to pay for the privilege.

So just for this week, do yourself a favour – turn it off. Get outside. Go be sociable. Go watch a band. Sit at a restaurant for a few hours. Learn to play a musical instrument. Rediscover the power of your CD player or even better, your turntable. Meet people. And then when you realise you don’t actually need a TV, throw it away.

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4 replies on “Throw Away Your Television”

Nooo, not this week, its cricket world cup finals time. i promise i’ll turn it off next week.
secondly, in germany, the remnants of the SS and the Gestapo formed their multimedia licence police, so you need a licence for
tvs, radios, all pcs that can access the web, car radios, wireless devices, such as pdas and even cellphones with wap or more

ye gods
SA is better than that

Ok, I give you permission, but just this one time exception, and only for the world cup hey? No sneaky Prison Break in-betweeners, alright.

yes sir! thank you sir, of course not sir.

incidentally i have seen all of prison break, well as much of it as has been made, i’m sure they can’t end it like (i’m not telling, you see i’m no spoiler.

i can do a week. i’m sure i can. will report back

helloooo! yeah – i’ve been living sans tv for a couple of years now. i do actually own a television set, which is used for watching dvds, but i refuse to pay some big sattelite company crap loads of money for making me watch the same 3 programmes over and over and over. and since the free tv in this country is either in arabic or is not received in my building, i’m managing just fine without it, thank you.

that said, i do intend to mosey on out to the local irish pub tonight, to see South Africa kick Australia’s arse in the Cricket…

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