Too soon?

United 93

It’s not too soon. It’s too real.

For history’s sake it had to be real.

Even though I have zero attachment to it, the footage of an airliner hitting the second tower is still chilling.

Or is this the Republican propaganda machine reinforcing its stance?

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3 replies on “Too soon?”

thats a movie i wouldn’t mind seening ,when it decides to get to the ass end of the world

Think I would like to see it, I agree on the propaganda machine! And how are those comments, we are at war. Dont u just like the way America sux the entire world into their issues, when they never really wanted to join WWII nor did they care about Ireland? South Africa? China? etc etc Only after money, but hey arnt we all. But then again america milking their own problems to make a quick dollar. God bless America 😉

It must be the propoganda machine on a mission. Keep the idea of terrorism fresh in people’s minds and you’re able to control them much better. I find it a little sick.

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