Where is the Stormhoek blogger freebie for South Africans?

Lovely, they’ve had a Stormhoek bloggers wine freebie in the UK, Ireland, and now France, so where’s the freebie for South African bloggers?

While we may not be the target market, or the largest market, we are a market, and we’re the home market.

I’m a blogger. I’m South African. Disrupt my market dammit!


(P.S. Delivery costs should be cheap)

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you’re bloody right.
Give me your address (to the door) and I’ll send you a bottle.
Stormhoek is available (limited distribution) in Johannesburg.
And I’ll be there, trying to get some more, Sunday to Wed.
Then back to the grape vines (growing fast in first weeks of spring)

Jawellnofine maatjies!

And where the blerrie hell is the Stormhoek Dinner for us UK based SAFFERS?

It’d be great to hold a Stormhoek ‘n poetjie kos event at Henley on Regatta weekend. Loadsa larnies in their boaters white troos and striped blazers will be overwhelmed by the magnificent wine and the food – oi vay! To die for doll!


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