Why I Bought a Nikon Digital SLR [20/20 Hindsight]

It’s the eternal debate in Photography Circles – Nikon versus Canon and Sony versus both of them versus the rest.

Today I realised another great reason that has solidified my choice of Nikon : awesome customer service.

I had a mishap recently which lead to my CCD Sensor being munged up bad with dirt and grime – think of it kind of like the situation depicted here. Bad. Very bad if you consider that this sensor is the heart of the Digital Camera. I wanted to cry.

But instead I opened up my web browser and surfed over to nikonsa.co.za and gave them a call. They said all they need was the camera and 5 minutes of my time and my problem should be resolved. No warranty forms or proof of purchases or “3-months-bank-statement-and-copy-of-ID-and-a -utility-bill-and-a-dna-sample-just-in-case.”
I arrived at their office in Kyalami Business Park shortly before 2pm and handed over my camera, cringing at the lambasting I felt I was about to receive from the experts behind the counter. But nothing.

I sat down to listen to the embarrassing sound of the air-blower determinedly hissing away at my grimy camera CCD – now I was sure a disapproving tone would reach my ears soon. 15 excruciating minutes later (there was one guy ahead of me) out came my camera in the hands of the technician, who smiled, handed it over and said “Have a nice day!”.

I then did a quick reference white page image – it looked like white on rice on a paper plate with a glass of milk in a snowstorm.

Nikon 1. Everyone else 0.

Now if only my car service experience was similar, hey Citroen?

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