Why I Hate 27dinners

27 Dinner Cartoon

Dammit, just when I’m trying my best to become a bored, lazy, TV-watching, cubicle-dwelling, corporate, unmotivated white guy I go and do something stupid like attend the 27dinner.

What the hell was I thinking?

Now I’ve gone and gotten all motivated, again, to save the world while making millions of dollars using new media and tech geekery. And I’m going to enjoy doing it. Have you ever?

I must be, to coin a phrase, overblogging the Stormhoek.

The people who attend these things are just *too* *damn* *inspiring*. And happy. They’re all freaking smiling, what the fuck is with that?

The speakers were great. The food was excellent. The company was overwhelming. The onlookers in the rest of the venue must have been curious and disappointed that they didn’t join us. (the lucky ones…)

I had a long chat with the wine ‘hoekers, Graham and Janice, who were present again with gifts of love. Free T-shirts for all who desired! (and wine of course). They have an interesting situation in trying to bring Stormhoek to the front in the SA market, and a lot of challenges ahead. Graham struck me as intelligent, thoughtful, and insightful. I look forward to many more long chats with him.

When you walk away from a dinner like that with a huge smile on your face it’s insanely satisfying.

If you weren’t there, it’s ok. Thank goodness that you haven’t been tainted with the burden of inspiration by these evil bloggers. I don’t know how I’m gonna cope…

My 27dinner photos.

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