Wicked Combos

In life there tend to be a couple of great matches. Things that just suit each other whichever way you look at it.
Sorta like “Beer + Amstel” or “Good Coffee + cigarette”, “King Steer Burger + Chips”, Me + ???(insert rockstar attitude girlfriend) or even “Corne and Twakkie”.

Tonight I had one of those “combo moments”. Granted, it was a triple play : “Scarlet Box + Evolver + The Parlotones“.

Wow, wow and wow. I loved every minute of it. What a treat, and close to home (Boksburg) too!!!
I especially enjoyed meeting the band members of Scarlet Box. Jenna is a babe. Quality. (As is Jitka).

Jenna = not stupid too (at least from what I can tell), which equals big plus points. Me like.
Yeah, yeah, bugger off you naysayers, I’m allowed my little bit of fantasy, OK!

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