YaWN – Yet Another Wedding Night

In truth, Saturday evening’s wedding of two new friends of mine at L’Aquila near Pretoria turned into a lot of fun. It started a little late because the brother of the bride went missing, but in the end it all turned out very well.

I even had the opportunity to practise my “langarm” and “sokkie” skills… (a high-paced, high-energy dancing technique made popular by Afrikaans South Africans – think ballroom dancing on speed without the accuracy in footsteps and with a lot less grace).

This “windsurfing”, as I prefer to call it, is extremely popular and any South African male will probably be initiated into this style very early on in life. If he isn’t, he’d better steer clear of the dance floor – it’s a war zone out there – and like me, will have to catch up as soon as any friend who is Afrikaans gets married.

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