Monthly Archives: May 2005

Laugh It Off Wins Constitutional Court Appeal

Congratulations must go to Justin Nurse and Laugh It Off Promotions. They stared into the face of the brute goliath SAB and dared to pull a tongue at them. The constitutional court has ruled in defense of that “tongue-pulling”. So get your browser down to at or around the 3rd June 2005 if you want to get your hands on one of the 1000 “Black Labour, White Guilt” T-shirts they created. More details on …

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Nokia is not evil

Great news for the Open Source/Free Software community is that Nokia is basically giving patent indemnity to any potential patent infringements that the Linux kernel developers may have committed. I always had a good feeling about Nokia, and this just adds to the warm fuzziness. Now they really need to focus on building better phones, especially a Linux based phone…

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Cherryflava thinks Musica sucks. But how bad?

Just to add to our woes as described on Cherryflava’s site, Cherry managed to miss the fact that the Musica download site, on top of being hugely incompatible with the target market for music downloads, is also hosted in the United Kingdom – fat lot of good that does for us international-bandwidth restricted suckers in South Africa.

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