Nokia N97: The Truth

Being in the middle of a big, still largely unresolved, fight with Nokia over the expensive piece of crap that is an N97, I just wish I’d seen this video before I ever even thought of getting an N97. The real tragedy is that Nokia have pretty much lost one of their biggest fan-boys at […]

The Grid Apps for iPhone and Android

Image by movirtu via Flickr While MTN’s social networking endeavours seem to amount to simply making more Africans text each other more, Vodacom actually seems to be embracing mobile social media with their “The Grid” location-based social network. It boasts a number of features, and is probably worth trying out – some pretty good stuff […]

Best Theme for your Nokia

If you’re in the mood to give your phone a breath of fresh air, or you’d just like a change of phone-scenery for a bit, be sure to check out the Touch Zen theme. You can download it free for your S60 device (3rd edition, E Series and 5th edition). Personally I prefer the “Seven” […]

Nokia Music Store [Seen One, Seen Em All]

No streaming in South Africa. DRM crippled songs do not play on iPods. Er, hello? Are you hearing this? Are you complete and utter morons? The “Store-front” is not compatible with alternative operating systems and browsers. You’re almost as bad as than Pick ‘n Play. You online music stores never learn. And there’s always the […]

Holy Crap, Windows 3.1 Runs on the N95

This is probably the most amazing sign of the times I’ve seen! I am now, officially, an old-timer. Tech-Grandpa Shaun. Fortunately not yet a has-been. It really puts the pace of progress in perspective when I see Windows 3.1, the first GUI “operating system” I ever crashed and re-installed, running on the Nokia N95, the […]

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