Monthly Archives: August 2010

Cee-Lo Green – F**ck You

Cheers Winter. Fuck You. Hello Summer!! To celebrate the end of the second last monday of winter, here’s a funky tune from Cee-Lo Green.

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Angry Eminem is Good Eminem

Gotta admit I haven’t listened to Eminem in a long long time, but I got turned on to “I Love The Way You Lie ft. Rihanna” off the new album, Recovery, and wow! the passion is back in full swing. I just can’t get enough of this track. With 50 million views on Youtube in just over two weeks, it’s definitely a hot track. And after listening to that track, do yourself a favour and …

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Arcade Fire Reinvents Digital Content with The Suburbs

With any purchase of Arcade Fire’s new album “The Suburbs” from, you also now get a digital version of the album (.m4a files) with visuals related to each song, lyrics & contextual hyperlinks. See this video for what I’m talking about: Arcade Fire The Suburbs Synchronized Artwork Version from ian rogers on Vimeo. Pretty cool, huh? Why more bands don’t do this I’ll never know. Then again, it is typical for Arcade Fire to …

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