Arcade Fire Reinvents Digital Content with The Suburbs

With any purchase of Arcade Fire’s new album “The Suburbs” from, you also now get a digital version of the album (.m4a files) with visuals related to each song, lyrics & contextual hyperlinks. See this video for what I’m talking about: Arcade Fire The Suburbs Synchronized Artwork Version from ian rogers on Vimeo. Pretty […]

Monday Morning Marriage Videos

So here are some happy videos to kick off that boring, blue Monday with a bang and prove that there is still fun in the world. And don’t worry ladies/mum – The fact that they’re all marriage-themed means nothing. 🙂 First the invitation (Gotta love Vampire Weekend!): And then the big-bang entrance:

Xobni Makes Outlook Rock

Image via Wikipedia If you’re like me, you often find yourself stuck using tools dictated by corporate policy and tradition. One of my pet peeves in this area is Microsoft Exchange and the enforced use of Microsoft Outlook that Exchange brings with it. Yeah sure, nowadays you can actually use the free Evolution client, but […]

Phuza Thursday Project: Skittles Vodka

Mix That Drink points to a delightful looking alternative to the alcoholic‘s daytime favourite. Yes boring plain old vodka gets spiced up with this awesome colour-infusing technique. Enjoy a different colour each day of the week! I can’t wait to try this one out – it’s a fantastic party gimmick for sure. Related articles A […]

Is Dit Net Ek Of Is Als Tos?

Gewoonlik blog ek nie in Afrikaans nie, maar ek ken mos die taal, and het al baie vriende wat Afrikaans praat. Dis net hoe dit is, bra. Hierdie boek is deur twee van daai zeffer vriende geskryf (Griffin en Chopper Charlie van, en dis eintlik poes snaaks (die dele wat ek so ver gesien […]

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